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I remember being in High School and my life revolved around comparing myself to other girls. Sometimes I don’t think I even had a valid reason, did I even know their name?  It didn’t matter. They were prettier, they had more to offer than I did, they were good enough. Thinking back on the mentality […]

As a photographer, i have met a lot of families throughout time. It is almost bittersweet to see so many life events unfold in front of me. One moment i’m doing a maternity shoot, the next a little boy is telling me all about how spiderman is coming to his birthday party. My favorite part […]

Wow! what a beautiful day filled with laughs, tears and dancing the night away. All the vendors that worked on Kristen and Jordans big day did an incredible job and I cannot recommend them enough. Hannah Ford Events was the wedding planner and made sure the day went smooth. Kristen had this to say about […]